Judy Orr started her real estate career in 1983 with a local Century 21 franchise.  Although she stayed with the company for 22 years, she always felt something was missing. 

Judy then joined a local, independent company and was with them for around 9 years.  They moved out of Orland Park and Judy and Jimmy had a decision to make.

They knew they wanted to stay in Orland Park and during their search for another brokerage they received an e-mail notifying them that HomeSmart Realty Group was opening in Orland Park.  That's all they needed to hear - they were struggling to find a place they wanted to hang their licenses with and once they found out HomeSmart was opening in our area, they jumped on board.  They were told that their prior independent brokerage was based on HomeSmart's business model.  So they had known about HomeSmart for 9 years before joining them.  HomeSmart is the #1 brokerage in Arizona and they had finally started franchising in Illinois.

Why We Joined HomeSmart Realty Group

judy orr and jimmy herter of the judy orr teamAs mentioned above, we were very excited to find out that HomeSmart was opening in Orland Park. Judy and Jimmy can attest that HomeSmart is the top brokerage in AZ as they have a townhouse in Scottsdale, AZ and see HomeSmart signs all over!

Another reason they were excited was because this was a brokerage that seemed to have advanced technology.  Their prior companies weren't up with today's technology.  There were redundant forms that had to be filled out by hand and archaic filing systems.  HomeSmart is paperless and makes handling transactions so much more efficiently.  

Another reason they were excited to work with HomeSmart Realty Group in Orland Park was because Judy was familiar with the Broker, Dan Bowden.  He has been in the business for a long time and has experience running a real estate brokerage.  Dan is an active, hands-on broker that is always available and strives to remain up-to-date with the market, real estate laws/rules and technology.

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If you're ready to buy and/or sell, give Judy Orr a call at 708-536-8200

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